18 November, 2011

Seriously Zoned

So, I just realized that I was sitting at my desk, hunched over, with my chin resting on my empty travel mug, for at least ten minutes; literally.  In fact I didn't even sit up while typing the title for today's post.  For the previous ten minutes I was staring at my monitor; I'm pretty sure I read something on it but, most of my tabs are closed and I don't think I stared at the name Google for ten minutes.

I believe that my zombification may have been brought on by the fact that my doctor (hold on, have to call the doctor ... wasn't there) anyway, my doctor prescribed me a much higher dosage of my crazy pills (ok, it's actually for the ADHD) than I've been taking; I didn't notice until this morning, but I figured hey, it should only help right? Wrong!!  Now my brain is staring at the inside of my skull going:
do you know how to change the toner in the copier because i suspect that someone might show up right now and ask us to change it but i'm to intrigued by this funny looking membrane to remember for you or to remember about silly things like punctuation and syntax and oh yeah do you remember those pugs this morning on the way to the car they were awesome but how do they breath when they jog and SHUT UP I'M LOOKING AT THIS MEMBRANE
Yeah, and most of that was in an interesting monotone.  Anyway, the suck part about all of this is that it's not the worst thing today: My back is killing me!! People here at work (shhhh, don't tell anyone I'm at work) have kindly been offering me their ibuprofen, but I feel like a giant hole full of asses taking more than two from them, and this is a five-pill pain.  Oh well, knowing that you all either feel my pain or are now forced into it makes this all worthwhile.  Wait, no it doesn't!!  Dammit; I want focus and no pain!!
they're not going to read you anymore if you keep depressing them but if you really HEY WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?  STOP BLINKING SO LONG NATE!!
So thank you guys for reading.  I'll be back soon!

I wish I had a sexy brain like that one. ^

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