09 September, 2008

Alice's Blade

I've always been a huge fan of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, so here's something I wrote some time ago:

Alice wields the Vorpal Blade,

Whilst she battles Heart and Spade,

Long since napped has she in Shade,

The weapon now her sanity’s Trade;

Never prior thoughts of Malice,

Harm a hare ne’er did Alice,

Stalking ever Monarch’s Palace,

Wonderland’s savior: Virtue’s Chalice;

Sauntering on does Alice Fair,

Nevermore with nary a Care,

Following now the Pallid Hare,

Fleeing far from Hatter’s Lair;

Lost the days of Clever Prose,

She recalled the day of Painted Rose,

Friends she Loved and others Loathed,

Vanished all when Queen Arose;

Ever grinning, Cheshire Cat,

Twinkling on the Little Bat,

Alice leaves it all at That,

Gained her Sanity and Lost it Back.