09 September, 2008

Alice's Blade

I've always been a huge fan of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, so here's something I wrote some time ago:

Alice wields the Vorpal Blade,

Whilst she battles Heart and Spade,

Long since napped has she in Shade,

The weapon now her sanity’s Trade;

Never prior thoughts of Malice,

Harm a hare ne’er did Alice,

Stalking ever Monarch’s Palace,

Wonderland’s savior: Virtue’s Chalice;

Sauntering on does Alice Fair,

Nevermore with nary a Care,

Following now the Pallid Hare,

Fleeing far from Hatter’s Lair;

Lost the days of Clever Prose,

She recalled the day of Painted Rose,

Friends she Loved and others Loathed,

Vanished all when Queen Arose;

Ever grinning, Cheshire Cat,

Twinkling on the Little Bat,

Alice leaves it all at That,

Gained her Sanity and Lost it Back.


Susan said...

Are you sure you wrote that? lol
I'm very impressed.
Of course you got poetry from my side.

Andie said...

I love this so much it's ridiculous.