07 February, 2012

First-World Problems

There are a lot of site/memes/blogs about first-world problems.  This is NOT one of them.  That being said, I did hear a good one in the office not more than ten minutes ago.  I was talking with a co-worker (for legal reasons I will refer to him as Blanthony) about Hulu Plus and the Roku box to stream it.

"Yeah, I had to get the Roku box to stream Netflix because my 50-inch Plasma doesn't have wi-fi."
He's actually a nice guy who is the only other person in my office who has even ever heard of Doctor Who.  But the semi-pouting tone in his complaint about his 50-INCH PLASMA TV was too good not to write about.

Now, enough ragging on my co-workers who make enough money to complain about such things.  Although...:
What the HELL does he have a plasma screen for?

I have discovered (semi-recently) that I like to create 8-bit-esque replicas of both 8-bit and non-8-bit characters and designs from popular culture.  In fact, I'm a few centimeters from actually selling them to my willing readers (and forcing them on the rest).  However I am not entirely sure how to replicate a licensed character without being sued.  I mean obviously I'm going to ask permission or something, but there must be an official channel to go through.  If anyone knows anything about the legalities of such an undertaking, I would be very happy to converse with you!

In the mean time, I'll try to speed up my posts, AND come up with more interesting content!!