10 April, 2012

Mini-Post: Mallow-Assassins

I have returned with sad news:  Craig the marshmallow has been murdered.  For those who didn't know Craig, he was a brave sole who, with his final acts, decided to fight the leader of the Mallow-Assassins.  I was there:

Crime Scene Photo
BTDubs: Credit for the concept of Mallow-Assassins goes to my buddy Munk-E.

09 April, 2012

Nate Takes the Marshmallow Challenge!!

Good day readers of my words!!

Oh, how I have missed all eight of you!!  Forgive my absence, I know two months is a long time!

To be perfectly honest, I've been feeling depressed and quite panicky lately; couple those with some major writer's block and we've got a long blogging detour.  Not to mention: I had some in-laws come in from Argentina for a couple weeks, which demanded a lot of my time.  I can't complain about that though; Diego (my wife's cousin) and his wife Miriam were fantastic company, and I honed my Spanish a bit!!

 I expect to have at least one post per week from now on, so, if you'll forgive me my tardiness, and my video resolution: Enjoy the show!

I know, it's awful isn't it?  

Wow, that's gross..