13 February, 2013

Who's a Nerd?

I can't escape myself!!
Greetings my friends, both nerdly and not.

I cannot understand what the current fascination with being a Nerd is. I grew up nerdy, geeky, even (sadly) dorky; and for it I was picked on, teased, made fun of, laughed at, and even beaten up. Now, suddenly, everyone is a nerd?

I do question it, but don't get me wrong, a lot of them probably are the geeks they claim to be. In every city, town, village, or walled off community of huts (not Hutts), there have been the nerds and the geeks. I suppose that, as the power of the Net has grown, so too has the ability of the geeky nerds to communicate, band together, and rally the forces when one or two would simply not be enough. The Internet has become a far greater tool for everyday use than anyone could have imagined, and its use has even become a requirement when in school, even for those who are not studying a computer related field.

What I truly want people to realize though, is that being a nerd or a geek, isn't about fandoms or collecting things or going to ComicCon, or other conventions; sure that's some nice icing; but it's about putting some emphasis on learning; on the continuing search for knowledge, for the sake of knowledge, rather than to be an elitist know-it-all! And when you feel that you've got enough information about the subject, you move on and don't stop; because, while you may have had enough of one subject, you can never learn everything, but you'll be dammed if you don't try!