28 November, 2011

Whining About Involuntary Self-Distruction

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day of feasting, followed by a day of either shopping for fantastic deals, or hiding from the zombie shoppers!  Seriously, though: be careful those shoppers will kill you!  I even heard that some random dude slapped a child for some toy on Black Friday!!


Personally, I went nuts this past week.  Some of the following may explain my last post.
The following five days describe my recent adventures in ADHD.

First off, Friday I zoned out for a whole day due to being over-medicated because my doctor had accidentally written my prescription wrong.  I ask you: what doctor does that?  Yeah, well, then he went out of town, and his office DOESN'T ANSWER THE PHONE ON FRIDAYS!!

I was completely dizzy and my mind was all over the place the following day because I decided not to take the mistakenly high dose.  That was a bad idea.

Sunday and Monday I took the remainder of my regular dosage, of which I had two left, and slightly recovered, before finally getting in touch with my doctor's office to get a refill of my original dosage; which I got on Tuesday.

You following me?  Good.

Now the world of heartburn and G.E.R.D. (Gastro-Esophagial Reflux Disease).

I also ran out of my G.E.R.D. meds on the Thursday before Thanksgiving; and by the following Monday, I was chugging down Pink Bismuth (seriously guys, the Walgreens brand) and went to bed with my insides on fire and feeling like the pink was going to make a comeback. (Eeeww, I know)

So what a week that was!!  My body has been hobbling along for the last couple of weeks and I believe that I may actually fall apart.  Really: my spine might separate in the middle; my left leg might pop off at the hip joint; and I'M ONLY TWENTY-EIGHT!!

Next post won't be so selfish and may actually include some cleverness and not whining!

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