06 December, 2011

Cat Nightmares

The following is based on actual events.  The names have not been changed, because no one is innocent.

I was talking to my wife, Alex, and my cat, Ame, just the other day..:

Me: "Good morning Ame, what are you staring at?"
Ame: "Mew."
Alex: "Maybe she had a cat nightmare; y'know like slowly being dipped in water?"
Me: "Like being drowned?"
Ame: "Meeh."
Alex: "Can you imagine cat nightmares?  Like mice with staves and other weapons?"
Me: "Why would they have weapons?"
Alex: "Because it would be scary if they could fight back!"
Ame: "Meow."
Me: "Or mice with water guns, birds with water balloons, and fish."
Alex: "Fish?"
Ame: "Mew?"
Me: "Fish.  Because they're already in water..  Nevermind."
The mouse revolution is at hand..Beware..

1 comment:

Andie said...

Do not. I repeat. DO NOT show this to Munke. I will come home to a battle-garbed Sadie.