24 January, 2012

Valentine's Day Considerations

 So, now that 2012 is in full swing, or at least in 4/61 swing, we can all look forward to the day that is the bane of (most) single women and attached men alike:  Valentine's Day!  Come on men, only 21 shopping days left, do you know what you're getting her? 

Some things that I've considered getting my wife, Alex, for Valentine's Day:
  • Sasquatch Hunting Pack
  • Grow Your Own VD Plant
  • Authentic Dave Coulier used sweat socks contained in Tupperware (still moist!!)
  • Vampire Awareness Kit
  • How To Avoid Becoming a Zombie, by Don Stanstill
  • What To Do If You've Been Bitten By a Zombie, by Dr. Sawoff Urownarm
  • So You're a Zombie, by Tiernan Grey
  • How To Realistically Paint Prison Walls In Your Home, by Martha Stewart
  • History of Mid Eighteenth Century German Tax Law (parts 1-29, odd numbers only)
I've since tossed the idea of the VD plant out, as my lovely wife should not have to grown her own when I can grow it for her!  Unfortunately the Sasquatch Hunting Pack was totally unrealistic; she is already aware of vampires; and someone outbid me on the socks!  What a world we live in.  Oh well, hopefully someone's getting some Full House era Joey socks.  So, I'll keep looking if you will guys!

Single ladies, put your hands up (up); do not despair, either the timing is not right for you to have that special someone; or you do have him/her and just don't know it.  Look at your best friend who tags along to places they would normally never be caught dead at.  Look at your Starbucks barista, do they frequently put hearts all around your name on your cup full of caffeinated deliciousity?  All I'm saying, is that "Love Actually, is all around."  And if not: peanut butter and chocolate ice cream are really a delight.

OH!!  By the way, apparently one does not traditionally shorten Valentine's Day to "VD."  Still trying to figure that one out!

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Andie said...

Ok seriously...I thought you were talking about a Venereal Disease plant....Great post though!