10 January, 2012

I Spoke Too Soon

Have you ever been sick, taken a couple of days off of work, then gone back too soon?  I have!

It sucks to cough all night because you can't breathe; although I'm grateful that it's not pneumonia, I caught that last year and it was funless!  Yes: funless.

I went back to work Friday after leaving early on Tuesday, then taking Wednesday and Thursday off.  I shouldn't have come back, but I didn't want to leave my supervisor hanging.  Our office is going through a huge repainting/re-carpeting and, as IT Minion, it is my job, and Roberto's (IT supervisor), to move the weeks group of PCs to their temporary location(s).  I couldn't let him do it alone.  OK, actually, my OCD couldn't let him do it alone, because he wouldn't do it my way.  I've been doing it a specific way for four weeks (he was off bonding with his newborn, so I forgive him) so I had to at least be here..  Yes, and it would also have sucked for Roberto to have just come back to work and to have to run this on his own.

But that was last week..

This week, I'm feeling a lot better!  I CAN BREATHE!!  That is to say that the symptoms of bronchitis are gone; they have however, been replaced by cold symptoms! DAMN IT!!  But a cold I can deal with as long as there's no fever. *knock on wood*

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Andie said...

I'm sorry you're sick! You are right on the "going back too soon" thing. I read an article about our whole culture being so scared of being fired that people actually risk their lives to get back to work. Interesting.