28 December, 2011

A Sexier Beast?

You know, a while ago (and then also recently) Jenny, The Bloggess, posted a pretty convincing comparison between her cat, Ferris Mewler (fantastic bit of clever, that name), and Eric Northman of True Blood.  Bravo madam, bravo.

HOWEVER; mere days before Christmas, Alex and I caught Jasper in his sexiest pose ever; a pose which, dare I say it: is even sexier that Ferris Mewler doing [an impression of] Eric Northman.

Ladies, avert your eyes unless you can handle the sexy; Gentleman, I promise never to speak of your impending man crush.. Behold, Jasper!!

Mmph mrph mmh

My wife took one look at him in that position and said:
"That is a sexy beast."
Whereas my first thought was: It looks like something out of A Game of Thrones.. or Ron Jeremy.. Eew. 

Wait.. What the devil?

Who the hell do you think you are?

Thus I issue this challenge to The Bloggess:  Who is sexier? Ferris Mewler, or Jasper (so sexy, he needs only one name)?

I await your refute.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

It's too close to call.

Andie said...

I laughed embarrassingly hard at those photos. As well as at the bloggess's photo.

It is indeed - in my opinion - too close to call.